Thursday, 7 November 2013

Wes Anderson

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Wes Anderson is back! My favourite film maker in the whole entire world has released the trailer for his new film due in early 2014, The Grand Budapest Hotel. I am beyond excited for this! Old favourites such as Bill Murray, Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman are all in there, as well as some new faces, and it definitely delivers Anderson's quirky charm and distinctive symmetrical visuals in the short 2 and half minutes of the trailer. The premise of the film rests on Ralph Fiennes playing a hotel concierge working at the legendary Grand Budapest Hotel in 1920s Europe, who befriends one of his younger employees and takes him on as his protege. When one of Fiennes' many lovers dies, chaos inevitably ensues, in true Anderson style! Watch the trailer for yourself:

So, in honour of my favourite film maker Wes Anderson, I've put together a tribute to two of Anderson's most fashionable characters, Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom and Margot Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums:

Moonrise Kingdom
Pop Boutique velvet cocktail dress, £33 / Long knit socks, £6.79 / Topshop black shoes, £34 / Brown cross body, £12

This is more of a wishlist than anything! Suzy Bishop is definitely a style icon for me, with her 1960s uniform of collar dresses in an array of different colours, paired with her trusty knee high socks and a beret. This velvet dress available on ASOS is so beautiful and something I could imagine Suzy wearing, which would be mine if not for limited student funds! The black velvet shoes from Topshop are so cute, and a perfect match for the dress. Pink coats are of course very popular at the moment, and Suzy Bishop sports a semi cape style one in the film, and this rather expensive number has quite the 60s vibe to it. Of course a messenger bag to carry around her binoculars is essential, and this bag with map detail is just right for all the exploring she does with her scout beau Sam. Oh, and a portable record player for her Fran├žoise Hardy collection.

The Royal Tenenbaums
Merc dress / Coast fur coat / Office flat shoes

The secretive Margot immediately gained cult fashion status when The Royal Tenenbaums first came out, and has been the subject of fashion magazine editorials and fancy dress costumes ever since. Lashings of eyeliner and a little red clip, to hold back her poker-straight blonde bob, is Margot's signature look - and not forgetting her trusty mink fur coat which she has been wearing since the age of 12! I've gone for this faux fur coat from Coast which is perfect for wrapping up in the winter, with just the right amount of Margo whilst still being completely wearable. As an ode to her adoptive brother and secret love, the former tennis star Richie Tenenbaum, Margot wears a variation of different tennis dresses throughout the film. This navy and red Merc dress is both preppy and flattering, with a definite retro edge which Margot favours. A pair of brown loafers from Office finishes the outfit off nicely.

What do you think of my Anderson-inspired outfits? 
Will you be watching The Grand Budapest Hotel when it comes out?


  1. I love those two sets. Both outfits really capture the essence of each two. It's like Suzy is the Lolita and Margot the femme fatale and I love the balance between them. Suzy's style is my favourite (although I have a thing for that fur coat in Margot's wardrobe ahah) and I waaaant everything in it.

  2. great sets, simply adore both coats. the pastel pink coat is just <3 and love the color of the fur one too.

  3. oh yes I LOVE Wes, been getting so into him lately! love both these outfits but Suzy's just takes the cake as I'm a sucker for a good pink coat and collared dress. <3

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  5. I haven't seen many of Wes Anderson's films but I really enjoyed The Royal Tenenbaums and I've been meaning to check out more of his films. I love the dress in that first collage!

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