Sunday, 2 June 2013

Review: Rimmel's Apocalips Lip Lacquer In 'Celestial'

Rimmel's Apocalips Lip Lacquer 'Celestial' - £5.99

After seeing a lot of good things about these lip lacquers online, I decided I needed to investigate, and so picked one up for myself. From first impressions, I really liked the packaging, and the fact you could see what the actual colour of the product is from the outside. Featuring a range of 8 different shades to choose from, with nudes through to bright reds, I went with 'Celestial' which is a sort of dusky pink shade that I thought would suit my colouring. Although Apocalips is similar to a lip gloss in that it has a sponge applicator, and well, the fact that it's a liquid, the actual consistency of it is very different! Unlike a gloss, it doesn't have that horrible sticky feeling they often have, and the colour is very pigmented and opaque, which is a definite plus! Unfortunately, I found it a bit drying, even though it's a liquid, and the pigmented colour seems to stick to the dryer parts of my lips. Although, as I've mentioned before I have quite dry lips, and so I wear lip balm underneath the Apocalips which seems to help, but this may not be a problem for you if dry lips isn't something you suffer from! The staying power is quite good, and I've noticed after the actual lacquer wears off, it leaves a sort of colour stain on the lips. The shade 'Celestial' is a very beautiful shade of pink, without being too light or garish, and perfect for summer! There are plenty of other shades to choose from as well, if you are looking for something brighter, or perhaps a more nude shade. I would recommend this product if you want am inexpensive lip lacquer with a lovely pigmented colour, and easy application, although I do feel it has been over-hyped somewhat. But maybe it's just less suited for those of us with dryer lips!

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